Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Makeovers


I don't even remember why I did this, I was just bored, I guess!

Some random one I did ages ago, don't really like it.

Hahaha, for this one, I tried to make my doll look like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds.

[Makeover I did of my old doll]

[My doll as that girl from Glee in her Lady Gaga Bubble outfit]
[My doll was bald when I tried to put on a new starpoint hairstyle one day o.o]
[An old joke makeover I did. It's meant to be a hispanic hooker]

[Random ones of my doll, done out of pure boredom. I changed the face on some of them]

LadyGagaMcQueen [I actually did this ages ago, but I didn't like it so didn't upload it]



[Close up of the liquid liner. I used 3 different colours :3]




evermore1girl said...

I love the second one best. The colours are nice together.

Anonymous said...

its great sakuro!srry for speeling the name wrong! add me on stardoll at Toxic_Shontelle!