Friday, June 24, 2011

My Eternal Sadness :'(

Yup, so basically, my computer caught a virus because I was trying to read online manga :'(

Now I'm stuck on my older, shittier, craptop until my brother figures out a way to get rid of the virus. So I might not be able to post as often, sorry :/ I WILL TRY THOUGH, I PROMISIE[lol, jk, my laptop will probably explode before I even attempt to use the internet]

Sorry :'(


evermore1girl said...

I am sorry that happened. I use anti spyware to remove viruses, it is free and does a great job, if that helps?

I am sorry to say though it was a sad story your cartoon made me smile

Chihiro said...

Haha, I'm glad it made you smile :D But yeah, I have an anti-virus, but there are some viruses that are very, very dangerous out there, and can "sneak past" your anti-virus. It completely froze my computer pretty much, and although it's possible to remove it, it's going to be relatively difficult so I'm going to be stuck with this goddamn laptop for the next week, lol :D

Yumi said...

:( Never knew Manga could give people a virus.. Where'd you read it though? I read mine on Mangafox(The Wallflower-EPICNESS), and AnimeA.

I've never gotten a virus from those.. And, I rarely scan my computer..

Chihiro said...

I have noooo idea, LOL! It was some website that my friends apparently visit all the time, and I needed it because the place I usually buy my manga closed down :'(

Yumi said...

Don't trust your friends about websites. I blame my friends for making me watch 2Girls1Cup. O.o

Chihiro said...

Hahaha, oh God. I've never seen that (and I seriously don't want to) but my friend's showed me LOLfish and 1 guy 1 screwdriver drfijgtujyktgwhjm7nbivbth